FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. /Publishers Newswire/ — In its first month, “Falling Apart” (ISBN: 9781605943954, Llumina Press), the debut novel from husband and wife co-authors Ken and Tammy Brown, has garnered high marks from readers on Barnes & Noble ( Readers have commented that the book is a “very suspenseful and fast-paced thriller,” “a great read,” and “a 48-hour thrill ride.” Reviewers on the site have given the book an average 5-star rating.

Set in today’s world of financial disintegration, “Falling Apart” is a timely book that depicts the horrors one man faces as his life crumbles to dust and ashes.

The main character, Tyler Holte, is a successful sales executive at the top of his game. But suddenly, his world falls apart and he finds himself at the center of a financial collapse not realized since the Great Depression.

After being framed for depleting personal and business bank accounts all over the U.S., Holte is pursued by the police, FBI, government, and mobs of people. His family turns against him and his teenage daughter defies him and his value system.

In a frantic 48-hour ride for his life, Holte flees from his past, present, and possible death while everyone turns their backs on him – except for one man. Holte quickly learns what he values most in life in this surprising, fast-paced book.

About the Authors:

Ken and Tammy Brown were both born in Oklahoma City, Okla. Ken has an entrepreneurial spirit that sits at the core of his being and has tried numerous activities from writing songs to selling crafts. He is the creator of the Original Cheesecake Sundae and co-invented a vent cap for PVC pipes. However, writing remained a top passion and a song he was working on evolved into a book.

Tammy has always enjoyed working with children. She worked at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas and has worked as a substitute teacher for several years. While pursuing a degree in history and education, she interviewed people who lived during the Great Depression. She used that information, along with other research, which aided in the co-authoring of “Falling Apart.”

Married for 23 years, Ken and Tammy have three daughters and one son. They are passionate about what they do and find joy in their work and working together.

“Falling Apart” is available from, Baker and Taylor Books, Barnes and Noble, Ingram Book Company; and direct from the publisher, Llumina Press. It is 224 pages; available in hard cover and paperback; and retails for $27.95 and $14.95, respectively.

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