LOS ANGELES, Calif. /Publishers Newswire/ — Due to overwhelming demand, Kevin Glavin Publishing announced today additional formats of Rock Star’s Rainbow (ISBN: 978-0-9825466-0-4). The new novel uncovering the recent shocking incidents involving one of the nation’s most cherished “icons” is now available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook versions.

The far-fetched story begins in August 2009, when a renowned entertainment reporter is thrown out of a plane over Los Angeles. At the time of his unfortunate death, he was completing a manuscript detailing the strange personal life of the most secretive megastar of our time–Rook. Luckily, this work in progress was rescued, although the details remain obscure. Now, assembled here is the sought after exposé of the infamous rock star, searching for his lost innocence. The quixotic adventure journeys from LA, to Amsterdam, to India, and back. Along the way, Rook struggles with celebrity excess, reignites with his old flame, gets mixed up with the mafia, and must rescue the daughter he never knew he had. From the heights of hedonism to the depths of despair, this topical parody explores the beast of fame.

Author Kevin Glavin assumes the archaic guise of “editor,” connecting the dots of this rather bizarre, reverse coming-of-age novel, Rock Star’s Rainbow.

Glavin, who supposedly found the surviving draft of the book on a plane, was struck by the enigmatic nature of the work while reading it at the roulette table. He decided then and there, after losing on 00, that it was notable and should be made public, and not remain in Vegas. Says the editor: “After consulting with counsel, I have determined that it is worth the gamble to publish this manuscript for the public’s enjoyment, edification, and potential horrification.”

The novel is in part a pastiche, alluding to elements of Don Quixote, Either/Or, Ulysses, Satyricon, Crime and Punishment, and other classic works.

Review copies and interviews with the author may be arranged upon request.

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