GREAT FALLS, Va. /Publishers Newswire/ — Ecologic Leasing Services today announced it has completed the conversion of Captara Corporation’s clients, data, and software with the release of LeaseAccelerator 5.0, Ecologic’s software services platform for equipment lessees. In 2007, Ecologic acquired Captara Corporation, a San Francisco, Calif.-based lease management software company. Ecologic Leasing Services provides web-based software and outsourcing services for managing the equipment leasing process throughout the lifecycle of leases, assets, and lender relationships.

“With the conversion completed, Ecologic’s clients are now able to take advantage of Captara’s lessor marketplace functionality. It enables busy treasury and procurement professionals to compete lease transactions by simply creating an RFP and sending it to over 200 lessors. They can then quickly and easily analyze the lease proposals on an apples-to-apples basis and make the best financial decisions for their company,” said Michael Keeler, CEO of Ecologic. “Captara’s capabilities are a strong addition to Ecologic’s existing lease process and portfolio management software services, which are used to manage the acquisition-to-disposition cycle of leased assets, including reconciling and tracking financial information at the asset level. Our combined capabilities now generate 10-25% savings on original cost and reduce the lease turn-around time up to 85%. That is huge savings for our Fortune 500 clients who typically lease $15 Million or more of equipment annually.”

Ecologic also published a movie that explains the savings, including some quantitative client testimonials at the end:

“Over the past 14 months, the Ecologic engineering team has listened to our clients and ported the most valuable Captara features to LeaseAccelerator 5.0. We are proud to announce that we have completed the project and, in the process, significantly enhanced the usability and flexibility of the Captara capabilities,” said Jonathan Crawford, VP of Engineering. “For example, Captara only allowed one asset type per transaction, while Ecologic’s software allows multiple asset types within a single RFP or lease schedule. This significantly increases the value and utility of the Lease vs. Buy and FAS 13 analysis tools. It also improves portfolio management for all corporate stakeholders.”

“Our services now define the standard of best practices for large corporate lessees,” said Angela Sabella, CFO. “Captara’s technology complements Ecologic’s ongoing mission to simplify and take the costs out of the equipment leasing process for large companies, as well as provide process improvements and reporting compliance. All of the former Captara clients have been fully trained and transitioned to the integrated platform with no interruption in service.”

About Ecologic Leasing Services

Ecologic provides a comprehensive suite of services for the reporting, control, and management of all corporate leases and assets, delivering visibility, scalability, compliance, rapid payback, and sound financial decision-making to corporate lessees. Fortune 500 companies deploy Ecologic’s software and outsourcing services to save 10-25% on their equipment lease portfolio, reduce lease turn-around time by up to 85% and scale to meet their financial performance objectives while ensuring audit compliance. Founded in 2000, the Company is headquartered in Northern Virginia, with offices in Montreal and San Francisco.

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