ALBANY, N.Y. /Publishers Newswire/ — Ethan Crownberry announces the release of three great stories. His Poetic Adventures series offers children and adults the opportunity to explore the worlds of Bobby Bumble, an acrophobic bumblebee in “Bobby Bumbles Afraid to Fly” (ISBN: 978-1-4357-0049-9), a goldfish with a life changing decision in “A Fish with a Wish” (ISBN: 978-1-4357-0050-5), and a spooky night in the life of 12 year old boy in “The Willies” (ISBN: 978-1-4357-0051-2).

Crownberry communicates the arduous task of moral development through a series of tales, giving readers inside prospective as major life decisions are contemplated. The characters learn from their mistakes, overcome their shortfalls, and, in the end, regardless of the outcome, learn to appreciate the journey they have taken.

Each epic tale contains amazing rhyme and cadence. Families will not only be treated to wonderful adventures filled with relatable characters, but will also be engaging in a writing style proven to help develop the phonological awareness skills of young readers.

Currently under construction and due out in late 2008, the fourth book in Crownberry’s Poetic Adventures series introduces the world to a young, inadvertent hero named Johnny Jetpack, whose big dilemma falls between helping others in danger and fulfilling his life long dream of space travel.

Ethan Crownberry invites parents and children to join him on his Poetic Adventures-live the excitement of learning to fly, wishing big, overcoming fears, and becoming the hero the world so desperately needs.

Ethan Crownberry’s “Poetic Adventures” are available directly through the publisher,, at, and through Borders,, and Barnes & Noble.