SAN DIEGO, Calif. /Publishers Newswire/ — Nautilus Press has announced the publication of Connie Tamaddon’s “Surprising Silhouettes” (ISBN: 978-0-9778018-3-1, Hardcover, $19.95). Photographer Connie Tamaddon uses the properties of light and shadow to create a clever read-out-loud guessing game that illustrates that not everything is as it first seems.

Using unusual materials to fashion seemingly familiar shapes, Tamaddon creates an imaginative way to entertain – and enlighten – readers young and old, and provides a playful yet serious opportunity for parents and children to discuss the dangers of prejudging objects and people.

“We are very excited about this new title, it is a delightful and entertaining book for young children, and also has great depth in understanding of the most important lessons in life,” states Nautilus President and CEO, Taylor Wilshire.

The book can be ordered via Amazon, and other book sellers.

Dedicated to inspiring creativity in children and helping individuals whose voices are not always heard, Connie Tamaddon is donating all profits from “Surprising Silhouettes” to College Track, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping underprivileged students obtain a college degree. Located in East Palo Alto, Oakland, San Francisco, and New Orleans, College Track has helped more than 850 students graduate from high school with the necessary skills and background to gain admittance to a four-year college and to successfully earn a college degree. Dedicated to serving students who are currently under-represented in higher education, College Track has a solid record of success in helping students prepare for the academic, social, and financial demands of college.

Connie Tamaddon has worked in photography and video production for more than ten years and is the founder of design, a children’s photography workshop. Her work has been displayed in galleries and schools, and has been published in various newspapers. She has filmed and edited fundraising videos for various nonprofit foundations, including the Global Fund for Women, One Hen, and Pets in Need. She lives in Menlo Park, California, with her husband and two children.

Praise for Surprising Silhouettes:
“Connie reminds us to slow down and look closely at our world, that we make mistakes when we judge too quickly. It is in the moments of pause and reflection that we see detail and nuance. She reminds us that shapes we see in the dark change when we bring them to light. Whether objects or fears or misunderstandings, we only see clearly when there’s light.” — Laurene Powell Jobs, founder of College Track.

“Surprising Silhouettes should be a must-read in every early childhood classroom, a required resource for every children’s library, and a must-have on every parent’s nightstand. Connie Tamaddon utilizes her photographic genius to create a stunning visual moral tale, destined to be a classic as it reminds us to pause before we judge a pig by its shadow or a cat by its silhouette or a book by its cover or a person by the color of their skin or hair. Pause and look a little deeper to discover the treasure inside which may be delicious gumdrops and licorice; fresh, mouthwatering pasta; or the subtle makings of a lifelong friend. If children can embrace this valuable lesson then our world can truly become a more kind and gentle and tolerant place.” — Libby Heimark, board director of Free the Children.

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